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The Brand

Varsity Wear is a business operating in the Screen-Printing, Embroidery and Retail sector of the market. Varsity Wear offers various quality products such as caps, bags, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories. We offer our customers a variety of items that are top quality, trendy and affordable.

Our main focus is to create and foster new positive cultures in private and public institutions such as universities, colleges, private companies, primary and secondary schools. Through branding and customisation of apparel we believe we can create a sense of identification within the members of any particular organisation.

We act as a unifying agent between the organisation and it’s members, encouraging affiliation and a sense belonging. Our team is dedicated to produce designs and apparel which better represent the organisation and stand for its Ideals.

Contact Us

Telephone: +27 79 9671 941

Cape Town, South Africa
Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm

Our Team

  • Victory


    Brand Content Manager

  • 60081086_2227396597573713_483209710862860288_n


    Commercial Workflow Architect

  • 19553884_1796224153727565_4530759838663642866_n


    Graphic Designer

  • 27544741_1913691752277534_592776357376498132_n


    Financial Director

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